Work Culture

We believe that our strength lies in our team. We believe that our team members are our assets and it is our team that will ensure our success.

People development Model

Software profession is challenging and exciting one for those who keep themselves abreast with the latest technologies and methodologies. Being associated with Samiti Technology one can get wide learning opportunities to upgrade their skills through continuous educational programs.

Samiti Technology believes nurturing individual talents to achieve the corporate goals and objectives. Samiti Technology offers a vibrant environment, where one’s talent, expertise and knowledge get a great chance to demonstrate to the world. Continuous learning, knowledge sharing and empowerment are fuelled by Samiti Technology’s culture that is built to instill a family environment.

The concept is made true by collective innovation by keeping Individuals Idea Engine to be more creative on every task we undertake. Samiti Technology’s people development process built on a simple philosophy of ‘Every one need to demonstrate their great leadership talents in the areas where they excel” and “To get inspiration from great leaders of the world and we should be the source of inspiration for many others in the global society the way we do things differently”.

Samiti Technology is committed to offer:

  • Challenging work content that enables our team members to move up the value chain by providing opportunities to work in the latest leading-edge technology areas.
  • Opportunities for self-growth through exciting assignments, continuous in-depth training and job rotation. We offer twin career progression tracks – technical as well as managerial.

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